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Our Mission

We strive to consistently provide high-quality, professionalized telecommunication services to the multiple high-profile clients who we diligently serve. We recognize the importance of assuring that our clients are fully-satisfied with our services. As a result, our daily mission is not only to meet but to surpass our clients’ expectations. Our staff members are well-trained, quite competent and dedicated to fulfilling our mission and work each day to achieve optimal performance.

About Us

Formed in 2014, Top Notch Expert is a company set up with the dedicated aim of helping businesses improve their customer service quality. In the last decade, the world of business has changed entirely. The old adage of “the customer is always right” has become more powerful than ever. This means that if a business is serious about improving their overall corporate perception, they need to handle customer queries better.

Our Services

Call Center

Well, this is what we do. We help people to enjoy a very easy and effective inbound call centre role where they help people out.

Health Insurance​

At Top Notch Expert, we provide a wealth of different services to help make life easier in any way that we can.

Tax Preparation

At Top Notch Expert, we deliver comprehensive tax preparation services to help you keep your books up to date.

Do you have a positive, upbeat and optimistic phone mannerism?

Do you enjoy helping people solve problems in a wide range of industries?

Are you looking for a work from home opportunity that can be very lucrative?

Then welcome to Top Notch Expert call center, We are a firm that provides high-quality inbound customer service skills. We provide sales and support advice, too, for companies across various industries. From top internet providers to major theme parks, cable companies to cell phone providers, taxation software to cruise ships…whatever you know about, we probably work with them! We work with a team of work from home specialists who help us to give our clients the help they need. When people hire our services, they are looking for people who can assist their own customers. Everyone needs help in life, and when you call up a call centre you want to speak with someone who can be courteous, kind, empathetic and helpful – right? Well, this is what we do. We help people to enjoy a very easy and effective inbound call centre role where they help people out. It’s a win/win situation for all; we help our clients to improve their customer co-operation, and our team get to find a lucrative employment situation that they can work and manage on their own terms.

What makes us a so different to other call centre teams, then, is that we don’t make you come work in the office. Instead, we set you up at home so that you can:

  • • Work the hours that you want; scheduling everything around your own life. Got another job? That’s fine. Got kids and need to devote time to them? That’s fine, too!
  • • Get wonderful experience helping out major companies across so many industries. These are the kind of customer service roles you can relish being a part of!
  • • Be in total command of when you work; if you can only work a few hours, that’s fine. If you can do this all day, that’s fine too! Opportunities are abundant for those with a positive mannerism.
  • • Earn a proper living. This isn’t like most work from home opportunities where you need a bunch of them to make a proper wage; this can be your full-time job, or supplement your present role!

Does this sound like the kind of role that you would like to be a part of?

Then contact us today. We would love to hear from more people who are committed and eager to work as part of this particular industry. Customer support needs kind, friendly and empathetic people who are more than happy to work with people to solve problems in their particular field.

If you believe that you have what it takes and you love helping people in exchange for a very lucrative financial return, come and speak to us today. Applying has never been simpler; simply click here and join up, and we’ll be in touch ASAP to discuss!